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About Cataracts

For most people, cataracts are just a natural part of getting older that initially occurs after 40 years of age when the proteins within the eye's lens can start to break down and/or cluster together. The cloudiness caused by cataracts gradually worsens and stops light from focusing on the retina the way it should. This clouding of the eye's lens ultimately results in reduced, hazy vision, and typically, trouble with normal activities, like reading, driving, or seeing objects. Cataracts can develop fairly slowly so individuals in the first stages generally don't realize it. This eye disease is one reason why scheduling regular comprehensive eye exams are imperative to your total eye health.

The award-winning team at Vance Thompson Vision is very skilled at finding and addressing cataracts in the earliest stages, as well as guiding you in effectively treating any progressing symptoms. At our office in South Sioux City, NE, our doctors perform advanced cataract surgeries, meeting the highest standards in vision correction. If you have noticed symptoms of cataracts, like glares or poor night vision, reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Identifying a Cataract

A comprehensive eye exam will be performed to diagnose cataracts. When your eye is healthy, light passes through the cornea, the pupil, and the lens before the light is focused on the retina. Once the light gets to the retina, the optic nerve sends a signal to send images to the brain. When you have a cataract, the image cannot be transmitted clearly because of clouding on the lens, which causes light to disperse. The transmission of patchy light to the brain results in blurry, hazy vision.

Understanding your Cataract Treatment options

If you have cataract symptoms, it is important to visit a trained eye specialist to have a vision evaluation. During your examination, we will review your health history and perform a series of vision tests to determine your condition. If the team at Vance Thompson Vision discovers that you have cataracts, we offer multiple options for cataract removal surgery, including traditional and refractive cataract surgery. At our South Sioux City, NE facility, we are pleased to offer an extensive array of customized lens implants to fit your unique lifestyle.

The best first step

If you live in the South Sioux City area and have noticed any symptoms of cataracts, be sure to set up a comprehensive eye exam. Particularly for those who are past the age of 40, regular vision exams are vital to diagnosing and treating cataracts and other eye conditions. The world-renowned specialists at Vance Thompson Vision are experts in providing patients with lasting, cataract-free vision. Find out how more by reaching out to us for an appointment in South Sioux City, NE.

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