My Inspiration

At Vance Thompson Vision, we care just as much about nurturing our company culture as we care about providing the best possible care for our patients. In fact, we believe a positive and supportive company culture is essential to creating a truly memorable experience for our patients and allows us to deliver our very best work. We hope you enjoy what inspires our team at Vance Thompson Vision.

Every Life


As we move through our daily business interactions, it is an important reminder that each person we come in contact with is dealing with a myriad of things in their own personal life. Every life has a story.

The Clear Answer Series - Dr. Thompson

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At Vance Thompson Vision, we invest in the world’s best technology for LASIK and Cataract surgery. But vision is more than that to us. Dr. Vance Thompson and his team are committed to providing the best experience on earth and that starts with treating your team like family.

The Clear Answers Series - Candace

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“It’s just over the top wonderful.” Before surgery, Candace struggled. But thanks to the team at Vance Thompson Vision, she now has more visual freedom and is able to live her life more independently.

The Clear Answers Series - Corey

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Our team is committed to providing people like Corey with the best experience on earth. “It was genuinely a miracle,” Corey said about his LASIK surgery with Dr. Thompson.

The Clear Answers Series - Kristi

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The team at Vance Thompson Vision is committed to using only the most advanced technology and sets standards used all over the globe. But the real reason we love what we do is you - our patients.

The Clear Answer Series - Patient Journey

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Vance Thompson Vision presents the Clear Answer Series. We discuss the patient journey and how we care for each and every patient who comes to Vance Thompson Vision.

The Clear Answers Series - Community Matters

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At Vance Thompson Vision, we believe that a community matters. We are proud to take care of the people who helped raise us. Learn more about what inspires us to work hard to provide the best in LASIK and Cataract care to Sioux Falls, Fargo and Bozeman.

2015 Parade of Lights

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This holiday season, we've got that sunshine in our pocket and that good soul in our feet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Vance Thompson Vision. We wish the same for you and your family!

The Patient Journey

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We believe our patients deserve the best on earth. In this video, we explore the question "What decision would a patient make if they knew what I knew to the level I know it as a surgeon?" At Vance Thompson Vision, we commit to our patients to do the very best and that starts with the Golden Rule.

2015 Parade of Lights

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During the 2015 holiday season, our Vance Thompson Vision family performed at the Parade of Lights in Sioux Falls, SD!

Vance Thompson Vision 2015 Symposium Video

Our 2015 Spring Symposium was a continuing education opportunity for over 300 area optometrists and their staff, and we opened the event with this video – because a strong work family contributes significantly to how people experience our clinic.

The Best Day of Your Life

Janet C., Vance Thompson Vision’s Coding and Counseling Director, says that the lip dub video to the song “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, “captures how well we work together as a team. Not only do we work well together, but we also have a lot of fun together. We had no idea what other departments were doing until we were done and the video was shown during our team meeting. It was amazing to see how well it turned out and how everyone performed. It was a great experience and once again made me proud of our Vance Thompson Vision team. I hope we can do another one!”

Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek's TEDx Talk addressing "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" suggests the powerful leadership model of starting with one simple question and word: Why. In the talk, Sinek suggests that one of the most powerful ways to bring people together is to celebrate why. What Sinek says applies to ventures both personal and professional, and our team has become closer from the experince of creating our own "why" statements.

What Is Love?

We all know how important our memories are to us. We want some experiences and moments to last forever and others to have ended before they even started. Here at Vance Thompson Vision, we cherish all of these memories along side you and strive to help you be a part of every single moment. Whether it's finding the love of your life, winning that big race, or seeing your 3-year-old son befriend an 89-year-old neighbor, we love helping you see it all!

Google Search: Reunion

When Google created this communication to talk about how special their service is, it's easy to think there was a room full of people who thought their service was about an Internet search company. However, at a closer look, nobody's interested in Internet searches, people are interested in developing their personal relationships and reuniting with their friends. This is not so different than the offerings here at Vance Thompson Vision. Nobody wakes up in the morning wanting eye surgery. Instead, they want to simply see better. They want to see their children. They want to see their golf ball land. They want to see their next birthday or the birthdays of their grandkids. It's helpful when we get out of the way of our own message and let the customer have what they really want; which, for our customers, is sight.

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

We all want to not only be there for our loved ones, but make sure they’re getting the absolute best we can give. At Vance Thompson Vision, we share that same passion with the care of our patients. We strive to always have the most advanced technology available so each and every one of our patients are fully and safely taken care of. Our main goal is to make sure we deliver on your trust in us to provide the best advice and care we can possibly give. What is Love to us? It’s our patients living life with a big smile on their faces and glasses off their noses.

Sometimes It Takes More Than Medication

Although medical practices are very important when it comes to healing and helping so many people, it's not the only thing. Pfizer shows us this fact in this video, inspiring people to go the extra mile for people, especially when they need it. This is something we at Vance Thompson Vision strive to accomplish in the care of our patients. If there's a way to make one of our patients day and time here even better, we'll do it to the best of our ability!

Disconnect to Connect

The team at Vance Thompson Vision understands that nobody wants to get eye surgery, but instead, what people want is to connect. We appreciate this commercial for giving us a really good representation of the world today, constantly focused on something other than each other. We want to help you disconnect as well; no, not from technology, but from your glasses and contacts. With this disconnection, we hope it inspires you to start connecting more and more.